Tongkat Ali Root Extract 100:1 60 capsules 500mgs

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Our entry level tongkat ali product is stronger than 90% of the other versions you will see anywhere else. 

Not only that each serving 200% more active ingredient compared to the closest "other" Tongkat product available on the market.

This is the same great 100:1 Tongkat Ali Root extract. But now its available in a super convenient 500 mg capsule.

Each bottle has 60 capsules so you still get 30 grams worth but now its much more user friendly.

Especially since REAL Tongkat ali tastes Horrible!!

In fact most people who start with our 100:1 powder re order the capsule version for their repeat orders.




100 % Pure Tongkat Ali 100:1 Powder Extract

60 capsules per Bottle - 500 mg capsules


Take 500 mg to 1 gram 2 times per day. with water Hot or Cold.

Take for 10 Days then take 5 days off

Repeat as Desired.