Hi Test Tribulus 750 mg - 100 capsules

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Prod. Code: Hi Test Tribulus 750 mg 100 caps

Hi-Test is the highest quality Bulgarian Tribulus on the market today!!

Hi Test contains 55% Protodioscin Platinum Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris. Dramatically increasesTestosterone and fertilty.

How to use

For your "OFF" Days

Hi Test Tribulus is great to use on your "off" days when you are not using your Tongkat or in between Tongkat cycles


For those times you want to double down on your testosterone production. Many men have found great results "Stacking" Hi Test Tribulus with their Tongkat cycle

Excellent pCT (post Cycle Therapy Agent)

For men coming off steroids who want to jumpstart / maximize their natural testosterone production.

Dosages and Directions

Serving size is 1 capsule (approx 750 mg)


When using Hi Test on its own
Take 2 servings (1500 mg) in the am
Take 2 servings (1500 mg) in the pm
When stacking it with Tongkat
Take 1 servings (750 mg) in the am w/ Tongkat serving 
Take 1 servings (750 mg) in the pm w/ Tongkat serving 
1 bottle contains 100 capsules - 750 mg each